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Dare I even mention the C word yet

Posted on July 20 2017

Dare I even mention the C word yet

Well go on you now what I am going to say Christmas and yes I know it's only July but in reality if you are planning on knitting gifts for Christmas you really need to be thinking about and dare I say even get started. Let's face it you have 5 months or so to get crafting and you never have as much time as you think you will.

So to start with you need to make a list of people you are planning on knitting/crocheting/crafting for and then sit and think will they really appreciate it? Once you've rewrote your list to only include the people that won't gringe when you give them something handmade for Christmas the next job is to start planning what to make.

So for me I will start thinking about how much time I have, what they are likely to use, what there favourite colour is and are they any good at washing handknits. If you doubt the person ability to wash how about sticking to acrylics or novelty items that don't need to be washed.

There's a whole load of projects out there to choose from that won't take you months to make and starting from August 1st we are going to spend the whole month of August suggesting things you can make over on our Facebook page, so you best go over there now and like our page ready to see all the suggestions.

So as you now the kids break up on Friday which means I'm popping over to Facebook right now to schedule a whole month of posts before I have the little darlings under my feet.


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