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Free UK Postage on orders over £10 - shipping in Lockdown

Planned reopening of Wool n Stuff Kirkgate - Please read before visiting

Planned reopening of Wool n Stuff Kirkgate - Please read before visiting

Dear Customers

Firstly a huge thank you to every single one of you, without all the orders you have sent our way, all the recommendations and the millions of comments on social media we wouldn't be in the position we are now. We will be forever grateful for the love you have shown us over lockdown and for literally keeping our shop open.

It is my upmost pleasure to announce the shop will reopen on Monday 15th June at 10 am (subject to the Government not changing the plan AGAIN). But and its a huge BUT the shop will be different to what you are used to, so I urge you all to continue on reading so you know what to expect and what we expect from you. 

Firstly the shop will be open on reduced hours 10 am to 2 pm Monday to Saturday. There will be no social groups, no workshops and no one to one support. We will continue to operate a delivery service for those customers that are shielding and for those that live to far from the shop to visit but all orders will be delivered by Royal Mail we will no longer be hand delivering orders. Click and collect will also still be available, if you do not want to enter the shop to collect please ring us from the doorway and we will bring your parcel down to you.

Ewe Rules

When you first enter the shop you will find a list of rules we require you to follow. These rules have been put in place for your safety as well as mine and my staff. Please remember I am in a high risk group and so is my son, we really need you to work with us to keep the shop COVID free.

1. You must sanitize your hands. As you walk into the shop you will find a stop sign, the hand sanitizer unit is on the wall right next to it, please use it.

2. Please wear a face covering when you are in the shop. Again this is for your safety and ours. You will find the staff will be wearing face masks and face shields but we still need you to play your part and cover your face. If you have forgotten your face covering please ask we have some spares. We also have gloves if anyone needs them.

3. Maximum of six people in the shop at anyone time. If at all possible please shop alone. If this is not possible please be mindful that other people may be waiting to come into the shop.

4. Keep left and obey the one way system. If people are leaving the shop when you are entering please wait on the left next to Neptune. There is tape on the floor showing you where to stand.

5. Baskets must be used. You can collect a basket from the hand sanitizer station. Please use it, when you have finished with the basket please leave it by the till area and we will clean it ready for the next customer.

6. Stay 2 metres apart at all times that is the same as 4 carpet tiles.

7. Please please do not touch unless you are buying. I know this is really hard and our shop has always been about squidging balls of wool but for the time been only touch what you are buying. There is an extra hand sanitizer unit at the back of the shop where the pattern folders have been moved to. It's there for you to use so go for it.

8. We are no longer accepting exchanges or returns unless the item is faulty. This does not effect your statutory rights. As soon as the need to quarantine items is removed we will revert back to exchanging your unused yarn but don't expect this to be anytime soon.

9. Customer toilets are closed.

We hope you appreciate all the measures we have put in place to protect both you and our staff. If you fail to comply with our requests we reserve the right to refuse entry. 

 Unfortunately by having to install a one way system it has limited access in some areas of the shop. If you are having problems getting round the shop please let us know we can always move a few cones.

If at all possible please pay by card we will continue to accept cash for those people that prefer to use it.

High contact points such as door handles will be cleaned throughout the day.

I sincerely hope you are willing to work with us to keep everyone safe. If you prefer you can continue to order by phone or online at . This will not be forever its just until the social distancing requirements are relaxed a bit.