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Rico Wool Degrade - it's more than just a cake!

Posted on August 17 2017

Rico Wool Degrade - it's more than just a cake!

So as we all know cake yarns are everywhere just now and there's loads to choose from, in fact we stock at least 5 different cake yarns from major manufacturers as well as some from independent dyers.

So why choose a Rico Wool Degrade? Well for starters it has a whooping 800 metres of double knit yarn on a cake and it has wool in it! For me the best thing is it gradual fades from a dark colour through to a light colour and let's face it if you spend anytime on Raverly at all you will know that fade yarns are very trendy at the moment.  

It's actually very clever how the colour changes, the yarn consists of four threads and every so often one thread is broken off and rejoined with a new thread in a different colour. Yes I know this means you have knots in the yarn but they are meant to be there and if you really don't like it you can always cut the knot out and rejoin it correctly at the edge. But it does mean you have a very gradual and subtle colour change.

So in my case I decided on Ecru (004) and it start's of as a nice warm brown colour and gradually fades through beige to cream. Perfect for the autumn I thought only problem is I'd recently knitted up the Rico Cotton Degrade and they both have the same free shawl pattern on the ball band so there was no way I was knitting up the same shawl again even if it was in a slightly thicker yarn. So off I went down a Raverly black hole and this time I actually came out the other side with something nice Paris Toujours by Isabell Kraemer and it was a really enjoyable knit.

The four strands in the Rico Wool Degrade are really easy to knit with a lot easier than the Rico Cotton Degrade and the pattern was a mix of garter stitch panels and easy lace. Just enough to keep it interesting the shawl knitted up really quick even if the final colour change cream seemed to take very ever to use up. What's more it's blocked and in the shop for you to fondle and try on if you want. Here are a couple of images of me modelling the finished shawl thanks to Sylvie our new knit n natter lady who took them she only joined us last Saturday and she's already become one of the family.

rico wool degraderico wool degraderico wool degrade


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