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Save the date folks Yarn Shop Day is on its way

Posted on February 08 2019

Save the date folks Yarn Shop Day is on its way

As many of you know Yarn Shop Day is my favourite day of the year it's also the most stressful by far but seeing how many of you come down to celebrate with us always makes it worthwhile.

So this year Yarn Shop Day 2019 is on Saturday 27th April so please do put the date in your dairy's, book the day of work and anything else you might need to do to make sure you are free.

For those of you that don't know what Yarn Shop Day (YSD) is its the national celebration of independent yarn shops organised by Let's Knit. Just think a huge party involving wool, tea and cake and you won't go far wrong. For those of you that don't knit or crochet you probably won't get why the day is so important it's definitely a woolly thing.

 This year will be even more special than normal as it's the day we will open our brand new premises The Sheep Shed. For many of you it will be the first time you will see the finished shop. Yes I know I keep teasing you with progress pictures put I've decided the actually week when we move in I'm going to keep everything under wraps until YSD. So there will be no sneak previews of how much wool we have managed to squeeze in the place or what the layout looks like you will have to join us on YSD Saturday 27th April for the big reveal. The people who have volunteered to help with the move will be sworn to secrecy as well.

YSD will be the same as always there will be goodie bags, discounts, hand dyed yarn, cake, exclusive kits, the prize draw and of course yarn bingo. Obviously if there is anything you want to see us add to the day please let us know, it's very much still in the planning stages although I will have to be super organised this year and do the prep a few weeks earlier than normal.

Let the count down begin 12 weeks to go, oh dear that means we only have 11 weeks to get the new shop ready and pack up the old one. Someone pass me the hair dye I can feel my hair going white just at the thought of it.



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