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So I decided to challenge myself this year

Posted on May 30 2017

So I decided to challenge myself this year
and have ago at knitting a top down sweater and I've finally finished it. I loved every minute of the knitting pretty much apart from when the cable on my circular needle snapped and I had to rescue nearly 600 stitches.
The pattern I used was Crazy Stripes Tee by Atelier Alfa a ravelry pattern and the yarn was 3 colours of West Yorkshire Spinners Signature Sock yarn.
Both the yarn and pattern are available to buy in the shop and I loved it that much I'm already planning another one. If your thinking of it giving it ago I would recommend you take a look at Japanese Short Row Shaping. Really easy to do and leaves you with no pesky holes like the traditional short row shaping does. Just wish I'd discovered it at the start of my top rather than part way down. Just need it to be cool enough to wear now.


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