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Sometimes you just have to make it

Posted on January 11 2019

Sometimes you just have to make it

Have you ever been browsing on Raverly and come across something so beautiful you just have to make it. Well that's what happened with me with the Wacky Weave CAL I found.

I have to admit I didn't start it immediately it was one of those that sat there and kept coming up in my mind when I was out walking the dogs or had a minute to think. After the success of Sophie's Universe CAL, Wacky Weaves ended up been the next CAL I ran in the shop.

Yes it looks tricky but its actually really easy once you get the hang of it, it's just filet crochet and a bit of weaving. The pattern was designed by Ilona Slow Life Creations and you can find the pattern for free on her blog.

I made mine in Rico Baby So Soft DK and King Cole Cherished DK, both yarns although they are baby yarns lend themselves really well to crochet. They have a feel of cotton but are actually acrylic and they are available in a range of bright jewel colours as you can see here or more muted pastels. I decided to use black as my mine colour as I thought it would make the bright jewel colours pop just that little bit more. I think you will agree that worked.

Wacky Weave CAL

As those of you that attended the CAL discovered getting the foundation chain right turned out to be really really important. Other than that the technique soon sank in you just had to follow the pattern to the letter. What's more each square is completely reversible and has a different pattern on the back, so it's one of those blankets that looks good on the wrong side as well as the right.

If you are looking to crochet with something other than Stylecraft Special I can highly recommend the Rico So Soft DK, why not give it a try?





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