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What to knit in the summer

Posted on May 29 2018

What to knit in the summer

Every summer we suddenly see the majority of our customers disappear into the sun and gardens. This year is no exception and it hurts like you wouldn't believe, so next time your in the shop and I'm looking a bit sorry for myself, it's probably because I haven't seen a customer for over an hour and I'm trying to figure out how to pay the bills!

Now I personally don't understand these people that stop knitting or crocheting at the first sign of summer. I personally craft all year round and I know we have a small group of customers that never stop either. OK I might change what I'm making and swap to smaller projects that aren't so warm on my knee but I never ever stop.

For a little bit of fun I've just been on to Raverly and typed summer into the search bar for patterns. You won't believe it, go and try for yourself but there is over 23K of patterns to browse. There must be something there that you like just on the first page alone I would recommend Tegna by Caitlin Hunter, Pebble Beach Shawl by Helen Stewart, Hitofude Cardigan by Hiroko Fukatsu and Hitchhiker by Martina Behm.


What to knit in the summerWhat to knit in the summer

What to knit in the summer

As for yarns we have loads of cotton and cotton mix yarns such as the new Rico Fashion Cotton Metallise that I'm wearing in the picture which was lovely to knit. There's also King Cole Bamboo Cotton DK or 4 Ply, King Cole Cottonsoft and all the variations, King Cole Finesse Cotton, also King Cole Baby Drifter that comes in a range of summer colours and just because it's baby yarn doesn't mean you can't wear it yourself. If cotton is not your thing how about trying out Sirdar No 1, King Cole Calypso or King Cole Cherished yarn both have the feel of cotton but are all acrylic and thus easier to wear.

 So in short rather than abandoning your needles at the first sign of sun how about swapping to a different project. Small projects such as shawls, socks, baby clothes and toys are light weight projects in 4 ply or cotton are perfect for summer knitting. We have loads of suitable patterns in the shop so why not call in for a browse or take a look on Raverly. Don't forget any patterns you see on Raverly that say 'buy in store' on them are available to purchase here at your LYS, they cost you the same we just charge a small fee of £1 for printing. 

So please do come in for a browse, we would love to see you.



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