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Why we need your help

Posted on March 02 2019

Why we need your help

As many of you know by now we are moving shops at the end of April to much bigger premises in Wakefield city centre. The new shop is not only large enough to house our extended woolly family but it will also have full disabled access making the shop accessible to all. Which lets face it shopping on the high street when you use a wheelchair isn't exactly a pleasant experience.

 Now the thing is and this has been a very difficult decision to make for me but I need to ask for your help with money. As you can imagine the building work to get our perfect shop has cost a far bit and balancing that with sales not been as good as they should be has left things pretty tight indeed. I know a lot of you are using up your stashes, but that has a knock on effect on our shop as you can imagine and when you multiple that across our customer base it gets pretty scary. 

Which is why I've made the difficult decision to ask for your help with crowd funding. Basically we need to raise a £1000 to kit out the new shop, this includes extra tables and chairs, seat cushions to make people more comfortable and loads of shop fittings to display all the new stock on. Which is wear you guys come in I'm really hoping you can help raise it either by making a donation yourself or by sharing our crowd funding video with other people. 

You can find all the details on our crowd funding page right here. Even if you can only give a £1 it would help, but seriously anything you are able to give us will be spent wisely and you will be able to see the purchases you have helped us make when you come to the shop. I know some of you may feel I'm been more than just a bit cheeky but if we look at another way all that free advice I've given you, all the help understanding a pattern, casting on your project, showing you the best way to sew up well I need you to give back and pay for it now.

But don't worry we are not just asking for your money for nothing in return. There is a whole range of rewards you can choose from including having a sheep with your name on it, on our sheep wall of fame. Let's face it which knitter wouldn't like a sheep with there name on it.

Thank you for taking your time to read this blog remember we are way more than just a shop we our a community hub as well. 






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