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Wow what a year

Posted on January 02 2018

So it's the start of the New Year and I just want to say a huge thank you to each and everyone of our customers new and old for your support throughout the last year. Without you OUR shop would not exist!

We have had one hell of a year and the shop and more recently the website continue to go from strength to strength. I thought I might just share a few of my favourite memories from 2017 with you, feel free to comment on the blog and add your own favourite moments. Let's face it that's what OUR shop is about it's a place where people come together and leave as friends.

First up is sugar free February and I can't believe I've already agreed to do it again this year. A small group of the knit n natter ladies decided to give up sugar (we defined it as cake, biscuits and chocolate) for a month in memory of our fellow knitter June Dawson. The first week wasn't so bad then the cravings hit and it got that bit harder to keep going. But we all made it through even if the others did taunt us by sitting there in front of us munching on our favourite treats. We did have a huge blowout on the 1st of March and tucked in to some very sugary donuts to make up for it.

Without a doubt my most favourite day of the year is Yarn Shop Day in May and you guys did me proud with how many of you showed up on the day to celebrate the shop and of course stock up on yarn as well. Don't worry it will all be happening again this year and the yarn bingo will be back.

yarn shop day

Next up is Yarndale even if it does leave me feeling rather stressed having to organise 40 plus women and make sure we all get on the coach at either end. But it does go to show how much knitters have in common, there was many people on the coach that didn't know anyone but you couldn't hear a thing for all the chatting going on. The good news is the driver has booked us in again for this year, he must be a glutton for punishment it will be the third year in a row he has driven us.

More than anything the knit n natter groups of which we now have four put a smile on my face. You are the shop's biggest supporters you are happy to tell the world about us and literally shout about us every chance you get. Thank you, your recommendations play a huge part in us attracting new customers. You help me out with the shop and when I have a daft idea like a our Christmas Tree you roll up your sleeves and got dug in. Thank you!


I have lost count of how many people I have started on there knitting our crochet journey this year and many of you have become regulars at the shop.

Here's to 2018 I hope you have a very woolly year!


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