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Baby Yarn, Baby Yarn but which is the best for baby knitting

Baby Yarn, Baby Yarn but which is the best for baby knitting

Vickie Cole |

About 75% of the customers that walk into our shop are looking for baby yarn which is why we have such a huge dazzling range. I often get asked which is the best yarn to knit with, so I'm going to give you a run down of the very best of what we stock. Don't get me wrong all the baby yarns we stock are good to knit with, it wouldn't be in the shop otherwise but these are the ones I would recommend personally.

My absolute favourites and a lot of customers agree are Rico Baby So Soft DK and Rico Baby Classic DK. There's just something about Rico baby yarns that makes people reach for them time and time again. 

Rico Baby So Soft is incredibly soft to the touch yet it knits up with a lovely stitch definition. There's a good range of colours from pastels to brights, it's a 100g ball and although it is an all acrylic yarn it has the feel of cotton. It washes well and will survive the tumble drier as well. It's that nice to knit with we recommend it for adult knits as well, it really is a good quality yarn that won't let you down. What's more and I know because I've used it, it's great for crochet as well.

Rico Baby Classic DK is so much better than another well known brand which will remain nameless. Yes they are 50g balls but the colour range is huge we easily have 30+ shades of this yarn in stock at any one time. It's great for colourwork as you can imagine, but also stripes or even plain knitting if you want a colour that is a bit different to normal baby yarns. When mum or grandma brings in a special outfit they want to knit a matching cardigan for this is the yarn we go to. Like all Rico baby yarns it washes well.

King Cole Cherished DK  is one of our best selling yarns we literally can't keep it on the shelves. Available in a good range of colours it washes well but the downside is the yardage is a bit on the short side and you need two balls to knit a first size baby cardigan or jumper. But having said that it doesn't but people off you just need to remember if you are using a different pattern to buy a ball more than what it states. 

King Cole Comfort DK has been around along time but it is still a hugely popular baby yarn and that's because its brilliant to knit with. It's now available in a good range of colours from pastels to brights and a number of muted vintage colours. It really is one of our best selling baby yarns and I've knitted with is for my own kids.

West Yorkshire Spinners Bo Peep is the only baby yarn we sell that actually has wool in it. But don't let that but you off, it is super soft and not at all scratchy. It's British Made as well spun right here in West Yorkshire so it's worth giving it a try and supporting a local British producer. Once you've knitted with it you will be hooked some of the colours are bright enough for adults, I keep meaning to knit a summer jacket in it but it's still not made it to my needles.

Rico Baby Dream Uni is a relatively new yarn to the shop but honestly I've never felt anything softer. It's one of those yarns that you could just sit and squeeze all day. Which of course makes it absolutely perfect for baby knits. It's available in a range of soft muted pastels and autumnal colours such as mustard.

What do you think, what's your favourite baby yarn?