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It's finished West Yorkshire Spinners The Croft

It’s finished West Yorkshire Spinners The Croft

Vickie Cole |

Yoke sweaters are hugely popular at the moment and when I saw this yoke cardigan in the brand new West Yorkshire Spinners The Croft book I knew I had to knit it. Now that was several months ago as been an LYS owner and chief buyer for our shop I get to see the new yarns and patterns months before they even arrive in the shop. It's a hard job trying to pick out which yarns we are going to stock especially when I have reps coming out of my ears desperate for us to stock there yarns.

With West Yorkshire Spinners it's a little bit different our rep Janice isn't pushy at all, she simply places mini hanks of the new yarns in my hands and I'm a complete push over. Following on from the success of West Yorkshire Spinners The Croft Shetland Tweed last year, we simply had to have The Croft Colours to go with them.

For those of you that aren't familiar with West Yorkshire Spinners The Croft it's an aran weight yarn and is 100% Shetland Wool. I can hear you saying it from hear pure wool is itchy well The Croft isn't. It's lovely and soft and not even a little bit itchy or scratchy and judging by the way it's flying off our shelves a lot of you agree with me.


West Yorkshire Spinners The Croft Colour

As you can see from the picture The Croft comes in hanks. Don't let that put you off I've wound many a hank and I have to say out of the 7 I needed for my cardigan not a single one had a knot, tangle or anything else. They were really easy to wind but don't forget we have the technology at the shop to wind them for you if you wish.

The Croft are 100g hanks with 166 m per hank and they are also machine washable. For £ 8.50 per hank I think they are excellent value for money especially as it's 100% British Wool. The pattern book is full of aran knits for all the family including jumpers, cardigans as well as many smaller accessory patterns. There is at least two other patterns I want to knit from the book as well, if I ever find the time that is. The best thing about the book to me is the quality of the paper and the fact it's spiral bound so it actually lays flat when you have it open.

If you haven't already had a feel of West Yorkshire Spinners The Croft please do call into the shop for a feel. Don't forget on Saturday 13th October we are holding a West Yorkshire Spinners Trunk show, our rep Janice will be bringing lot's of garments for you to look at and will be chatting about how they turn fleeces into the yarn you see in our shop right here in West Yorkshire. We will also be offering a 10% discount off purchases of West Yorkshire Spinners yarn on the day.

Have you knitted with The Croft yet what do you think of it? Feel free to comment on the blog and let us know we love to hear from you.