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So I'm ready to spill the beans now

So I’m ready to spill the beans now

Vickie Cole |

When we moved up to Cross Square it was with the intention the shop would be big enough to meet our needs long term so I signed a long lease. As the knit n natter groups have grown and the shop has gone from strength to strength we reached the point where the shop was simply not big enough to meet our needs.

For the last 18 months or so I've been keeping a secret from you, mainly because the sale collapsed twice. Earlier this year we finally received the keys for a former nightclub on Kirkgate, now this place is huge we are talking premises that are 3 times the size of our current shop.

I will tell you now it won't be a quick move the place we are moving to is currently derelict it's literally needs everything doing to it including a new roof and don't even get me started on the black gloss paint! We are hoping to move Spring 2019 but we will let you know nearer the time once we have a fixed date in mind.

But the good news is the new shop which we are calling The Sheep Shed has full disabled access, is all on one level, the free city centre bus stops at the back of the building and it's even got some parking as well. It ticked every box on our list of must haves. But it won't just be a shop we will have a very own cafe on site as well.

OK so I can hear you asking where is it. For those of you a bit older then me it used to be The Beehive most recently it was Club Odyssey. If you can remember where McDonalds used to be it's right next door, all you can see from the street is this pair of shutters.

So Im ready to spill the beans now

Once your inside though it soons opens up into a huge rectangle. We will also have plenty of room for other crafts such as beading and cross stitch.

So there you have it, I've finally told you all what is going on. Keep an eye on here and on Facebook and we will post updates as work progresses.