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Knitting for Baby but don't know what to knit?

Knitting for Baby but don’t know what to knit?

Vickie Cole |

Every week in the shop we get customers in that have been asked to knit for a baby but they don't know what's popular at the moment or what mum's are dressing them in.

So I thought I would share with you what I tell these customers with you, to give you a bit of help along the way. Let's face it if your going to knit for someone's baby you want to see them wearing it.

These day's we sell very little cream, white or lemon baby yarn, the in neutral colour at the moment is a pale silver grey and it's really popular. If you can't stand to knit in grey then go bold, strong colours such as red, purple, hot pink, turquoise, green and denim blue are all really popular at the moment.

Gone are the traditional matinee set's to be replaced with simple v neck or round neck cardigan and hoodies for slightly older babies. Patterns are simple but knitted in a really nice yarn to show the yarn off.

Our most popular baby yarns by far (and in no particular order don't want any reps sulking with me) are Rico Baby So Soft DK, Rico Baby Classic DK, King Cole Comfort DK and King Cole Cherish DK. These yarns are all machine washable, can be thrown in the dryer and will come out the other side still looking good. Yes we do sell 4 ply baby yarns but most people knit with DK yarns now.

If your wanting a baby yarn with wool in it then look no further than West Yorkshire Spinners Bo Peep yarn. It's super soft, cuddly, machine washable and is a blend of 52% Falkland Wool & 48% Nylon. It would be a real treat for any baby.

West Yorkshire Spinners Bo Peep Yarn

For blankets our most popular yarn is Rico Pom Pon yarn it creates a stunning unique blanket and best of all it's a really quick and easy knit.

Rico Pom Pon Yarn Blanket

When it comes to choosing patterns we have hundreds to choose from. The King Cole Baby Book contain a range of patterns from birth up to age 7 for most of the books and would make a really good investment.

King Cole Baby Book 6

So I hope that has answered a few questions for you, but if you need any more help feel free to email us through the contact us page or give the shop a ring on 01924 565740 we would be happy to help.