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Looking for an Aran Yarn?

Looking for an Aran Yarn?

Vickie Cole |

Aran yarn is always popular in the winter months and we stock several different brands and I'm often asked by customers in the shop which yarn would I recommend? Well I have to say my current favorite is a yarn that was new to the shop this autumn and it's proving that popular we are having problems keeping it on the shelf!

Go on I will tell you it's Rico Creative Soft Wool Aran, as many of you know I'm huge fan of Rico yarns but this time Mr Rico (aka Michael) and the team in Germany have gone above and beyond. It's so good I snatched Mr Rico's hand off and ordered every single colour, then sat and sulked for the 2 - 3 months I had to wait for it be available.

So what's got me all stirred up, just one word it's SOFT and what's more if gets softer as you knit it. Now when I first touched it I said that can't possibly have any wool in it but it does it's 25% wool and 75% acrylic. It's not itchy at all, it's so soft you could even knit for baby's with it.

rico creative soft wool aran

The next reason I recommend it, is the simple fact it has a whooping 300m of yarn per ball. So it goes an incredibly long way, in fact the poncho I'm wearing in the picture took just 7 balls to knit.

So what are you waiting for give it ago! If your interested in the poncho it's pattern its Rico pattern 657.