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Yarn Shop Day 2019 the best one ever

Yarn Shop Day 2019 the best one ever

Vickie Cole |

As many of you know Yarn Shop Day is my favourite day of the year by far only the annual Yarndale trip comes close to it. This year was the biggest and best yet and it's all because of you our lovely customers.

Over a year ago I made the decision that we would celebrate YSD 2019 in the new premises even though technically we could have stayed until the middle of May in the old shop. But having seen how desperate we were for space it was going to be our new home or nothing.

Well I have to say there were quite a few late nights, some very sore muscles and a number of us didn't see our husbands or kids for days on end. But we got there by the skin of our teeth we finished setting up the new shop 11 pm the night before YSD. But the only reason we did it was because our knitting community came together and helped. The knit n natter ladies and random customers that turned up to help not only helped paint, lay the flooring but they also packed up the old shop with me, moved everything, then helped set everything up again at the other end. Without you and the husbands, grown up children etc that were dragged along to help we would never have had Yarn Shop Day this year. Each and everyone of you are amazing to give up your time to get the shop open again.

I will be forever in your debt, but it showed just what our shop is about community. The community that has built up around the shop over the last 7 years is amazing and we now have a new forever home in the city centre. Yes it's still a work in progress and will be for a few months yet, but the look on your faces when you walked in on YSD made everything worth while.

When you walked in and said wow, the huge grins on peoples faces, the customers that use mobility scooters or wheelchairs that were racing around the shop, the knit n natter group having room to sprawl out and customers still been able to get in the shop made everything worthwhile.

YSD 2019

Yarn Shop Day was a roaring success, we had a queue to get in and you certainly kept the till busy. It was brilliant to see how many of you called down for the first look at the new shop, to purchase a little something and tuck into tea and cake.

YSD entrance

We also have to thank our suppliers for there generous donations towards the prize draw and the yarn bingo prizes, without them it couldn't happen.

I have just about recovered now, I have to admit I went home after YSD and didn't move for a very long time. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as me, it will be on again next year just without the stress of moving first. If you have any suggestions as to how we can make it even better next year, just get in touch. I've already been told you want even more bubbly next year!