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West Yorkshire Spinners Colour Lab Yarn Review

West Yorkshire Spinners Colour Lab Yarn Review

Vickie Cole |

Sometimes you just knit a yarn and go oh wow and that's the reaction I had to the West Yorkshire Spinners Colour Lab.

We've had in the shop for a while now and hadn't quite got round to trying it out but with a fair isle workshop coming up I needed to knit up a sample and Colour Lab it was.

For those of you not familiar with the yarn West Yorkshire Spinners Colour Lab is a 100% British Wool double knit yarn. It's available in a range of vibrant colours as well as some self striping colour ways as well. It has really good pattern support as well.

The yarn itself is amazing to knit, it's not at all scratchy as some people expect from a pure wool, it handles nicely and it knits up into a beautiful even fabric. You can even machine wash it so there really isn't anything bad about it unless of course your allergic to wool that is.

I've forgotten how much I like knitting with British Wool I might just have to make a jumper to go with it. I would certainly be warm then.

West Yorkshire Spinners Colour Lab