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What is the best yarn for knitting socks?

What is the best yarn for knitting socks?

Vickie Cole |

What is the best yarn for knitting socks?

Sock yarns need to be hard wearing its going to be on your feet all day and if your anything like me I do a lot of walking in a day. From my own experience I find King Cole Zig Zag to be the most hard wearing of the sock yarns we sell. Not only is it hard wearing it washes well too.

Can you use any yarn to knit socks?

Sock yarn really needs to be a mix of wool and at least 20% nylon. The nylon makes the yarn hard wearing and stops your socks from wearing out quickly especially on the heels.

What ply is sock yarn?

Sock yarn is 4 ply or in american terms it's also called fingering and superfine. 

How many balls of sock yarn do I need?

For most foot sizes one 100g ball of sock yarn is more than enough to knit a pair of socks. For really really large feet you might need 2 balls.

What brand of sock yarn?

We stock a range of socks yarns including King Cole Zigzag, Rico Superba and West Yorkshire Spinners. For socks on a budget King Cole Zigzag is a brilliant every day yarn most of which knit up into colourful patterns. If your not on a budget the German socks yarns Rico Superba are excellent quality.

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